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Apply Hair.

This is a much used by women today, since it is to leave her with some colored strands or even lengthen them have those wires that look like they are his own and those you'd find in one of those Chinese shops! More I'll explain the difference!
The Natural: These are real hair, hair in which you can wash, do babyliss flat iron and even paint it are like our hair care needs!
The Synthetic: This is now easier to find and cheaper, everything is cheap has its minor limitations, this does not wash, do not paint sloshing among other things this kind of apply is good for those who want to make a change hair that is not permanent.
Prices: Has several ways prices are:
Tic-Tac: You hold the wires as a bracket!
R$ 160.00 (Synthetic)
£ 1,000 (Natural)

Extension Adhesive: They use tapes, they make a kind of "sandwich" with the hair!
R$ 600 (Synthetic)
R$ 1.5 thousand (Natural)

Stuck With Keratin: Holds a type of glue that protein is the scalp.
R$600 (Synthetic)
R$ 2.5 thousand (Natural)

Entanglement: the appliqué is stitched braid in our root.
R4 500 (Synthetic)
R$ 1,000 (Natural)

Price researched in Brazil

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